Canon Rebel T6 (Canon EOS 1300D)

Canon Rebel T6 (Canon EOS 1300D)

Canon Rebel T6 (Canon EOS 1300D)

Canon EOS 1300D as inexpensive mirror reflex entrance

With the EOS 1300D, Canon announces its new SLR entry-level model, which is a few euros cheaper in the UVP than its predecessor EOS 1200D. For just 375 Euro (485 with set lens 18-55 IS II) the buyer gets an APS-C SLR camera with 18 megapixels resolution. The automatic motive function is also intended to enable beginners to photograph with the image quality of a large sensor, while more experienced photographers have semi-automatic and manual settings at their disposal.

Canon Rebel T6 (Canon EOS 1300D)

Canon Rebel T6 (Canon EOS 1300D)

With 375 Euro the Canon EOS 1300D is a cheap entry into the SLR segment. With the EF-S 18-55 mm IS II lens, the price rises to 485 euros. [Photo: Canon]

Canon Rebel T6 (Canon EOS 1300D)

The Canon EOS 1300D has a 9-point autofocus as well as a somewhat aged continuous shooting function with three frames per second. [Photo: Canon]

Canon Rebel T6 (Canon EOS 1300D)

In addition to the pentas mirror viewfinder, which is only 0.5 times larger than the 35mm, the Canon EOS 1300D offers a live image on its 7.5 centimetre screen. [Photo: Canon]

Canon Rebel T6 (Canon EOS 1300D)

For beginners, the Canon EOS 1300D offers automatic motif control, while more experienced or experimental photographers can use semi-automatic and manual modes. [Photo: Canon]

Canon Rebel T6 (Canon EOS 1300D)

The 22.3 x 14.9 millimeter CMOS sensor is 1.6 times smaller than the 35mm full format, so the focal lengths shift to 35mm equivalent focal lengths by this factor. The 18-55mm set lens thus corresponds to a 35mm lens with a focal length of 29-88 millimetres. Image processing is provided by the somewhat older DIGIC 4+ image processor. Its computing power is sufficient for three serial images per second. Thanks to fast storage on SD/SDHC/SDXC cards, up to 1110 JPEG photos can be taken at a time, whereas in Raw the “fast” series of shots ends after just six shots.

The autofocus of the Canon EOS 1300D works with nine measuring fields (including a central cross sensor), but only if you use the 0.8x magnifying pentascope viewfinder, which covers 95 percent of the image field. The magnification corresponds to 0.5 times the viewfinder magnification in 35mm equivalent. Alternatively, a live image covering 100 percent of the image field can be viewed on the fixed, 920,000 pixel resolution, 7.5 centimeter screen. Here a slower contrast autofocus is available. The EOS 1300D records videos in maximum Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080) at 24, 25 or 30 frames per second. In HD resolution (1,280 x 720), a refresh rate of 60 and 50 frames per second is also available.

With built-in WLAN and NFC, the EOS 1300D connects wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet. Using the Canon Camera Connect app, images can be transmitted wirelessly and remote control of the camera including live image transmission is also supported. From April 2016 the Canon EOS 1300D will be available in black at a price of 375 Euro. The set with the Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS II should cost 485 Euro. As accessories, not only for the 1300D, Canon wants to offer four different bags from May 2016: The holster bag HL100 will cost almost 35 Euro, the shoulder bag SB100 will cost 40 Euro, the sling bag SL100 will cost almost 80 Euro and the backpack BP100 will cost 85 Euro. Further details about the Canon EOS 1300D can be found in our detailed technical data sheet.

Canon Rebel T6 – Canon EOS 1300D Datasheet


Sensor CMOS sensor APS-C 22.5 x 15.0 mm (crop factor 1.6
)18.7 megapixels (physical) and 18.0 megapixels (effective)
Pixel pitch 4.3 µm
Photo resolution
5.184 x 3.456 pixels (3:2)
5.184 x 2.912 pixels (16:9)
4.608 x 3.456 pixels (4:3)
3.456 x 3.456 pixels (1:1)
3.456 x 1.944 pixels (16:9)
3.072 x 1.728 pixels (16:9)
2.592 x 2.592 pixels (1:1)
2.592 x 1.728 pixels (3:2)
2.592 x 1.456 pixels (16:9)
2.304 x 2.304 pixels (1:1)
2.304 x 1.728 pixels (4:3)
1.920 x 1.280 pixels (3:2)
1.920 x 1.080 Pixel (16:9)
1.728 x 1.728 pixels (1:1)
1.696 x 1.080 Pixel
1.280 x 1.280 pixels (1:1)
720 x 480 pixels (3:2)
720 x 400 pixels (16:9)
640 x 480 pixels (4:3)
480 x 480 pixels (1:1)
Picture formats JPG, RAW
Colour depth 24 bits (8 bits per color channel), 42 bits (14 bits per color channel)
Metadata Exif (version 2.3), DCF standard
Video resolution
1.920 x 1.080 (16:9) 30 p
1.920 x 1.080 (16:9) 25 p
1.920 x 1.080 (16:9) 24 p
1.280 x 720 (16:9) 60 p
1.280 x 720 (16:9) 50 p
640 x 480 (4:3) 30 p
640 x 480 (4:3) 25 p
Maximum recording time 29 min 59 sec
Video format
MOV (Codec H.264)


Lens mount
Canon EF-S


Autofocus mode Phase-comparison autofocus with 9 sensors, one cross sensor and 8 line sensors, contrast autofocus
Autofocus Functions Single autofocus, Continuous autofocus, Tracking autofocus, Manual, AF auxiliary light (flash volley), Focus magnifier (10x)
Focus control Depth of field control, dimming button

Viewfinder and Monitor

Reflex viewfinder Reflex viewfinder (95 % image coverage), 21 mm eye relief with 0.8 x magnification (0.5 x KB equivalent), diopter compensation (-2.5 to +0.5 dpt)
Monitor 3.0″ (7.5 cm) TFT LCD monitor with 920,000 pixels, viewing angle 170°, brightness adjustable


Exposure metering Center-weighted integral measurement, matrix/multi-field measurement over 63 fields, spot measurement (measurement over 10 % of the image field), AF-AE coupling
Exposure times 1/4,000 to 30 s (automatic
)1/4,000 to 30 s (manual)
Bulb function
Exposure control Fully automatic, Program automatic, Aperture automatic, Time automatic, Manual
Bracketing function Bracket function with maximum 3 shots, step size from 1/3 to 2 EV
Exposure compensation -5.0 to +5.0 EV with step size from 1/3 to 1/2 EV
Sensitivity to light ISO 100 to ISO 6.400 (automatic
)ISO 100 to ISO 12.800 (manual)
Remote access Remote release, cable release, remote control via smartphone/tablet
Motives Automatic, Landscape, Night portrait, Close-up, Portrait, Food, Sports/Action, 1 additional scene modes
Picture effects Fisheye, miniature effect, monochrome, toy camera, blur, 8 picture styles
White balance Auto, Cloudy, Sun, White balance bracketing, Fine tuning, Shadow, Flash, Fluorescent lamp, Incandescent light, Manual
Color space Adobe RGB, sRGB
Continuous shooting Continuous shooting function max. 3.0 frames/s at highest resolution and max. 1,110 stored photos, 6 RAW images in succession
Self-timer Self-timer at intervals of 2 s, special features: or 10 s (optional)
Shooting functions AEL function, live histogram


Flash built-in flash (hinged
)flash shoe: Canon, standard centre contact
Flash range Flash sync time 1/200 s
Flash number Guide number 9 (ISO 100)
Flash functions Auto, Fill Flash, Flash On, Flash Off, Slow Sync, Flash On Second Shutter Curtain, Red-Eye Reduction, Flash Exposure Compensation from -2.0 EV to +2.0 EV


Image stabilizer no optical image stabilizer
Microphone Stereo
Power supply Power supply connection
Power supply 1 x Canon LP-E10 (lithium ion (Li-Ion), 7.4 V, 950 mAh
)500 CIPA-standard images
Playback Functions Protect image, highlights / shadow warning, playback histogram, playback magnifier with 10.0x magnification, image index, slideshow function with music
Special functions Electronic Spirit Level, Grid Display, Orientation Sensor, Live View, User Profiles with 1 User Profile and 11 Options
Ports Data interfaces: USBUSB type
:USB 2.0 High SpeedWLAN
: availableNFC
: available
AV connectors AV output: HDMI output Mini (Type C), USB/AV output Audio input
: no Audio output
: no
Supported direct printing methods Canon Direct Print, PictBridge
Tripod socket 1/4″
Features and Miscellaneous DIGIC-4+ Signal Processor Simultaneous
JPEG and RAW recording possibleAuto
Lighting Optimizer (4 settings)

Size and weight

Dimensions W x H x D 129 x 101 x 78 mm
Weight 485 g (ready for operation)


included accessories Canon eyecup Ef (eyecup
)Canon IFC-130U USB cableCanon
LC-E10E Charger for special batteriesCanon
LP-E10 special batteryCanon
RF-3 (housing cover)
Software: Raw Processing Digital Photo Professional, EOS Utility
optional accessory Canon ACK-E10 Power Supply UnitCanon
LP-E10 Special Battery